How can we have you be our photographer at our next picture day?

First, let us commend you on your good taste! Secondly, we'll need some information about your organization or team so we can customize our services to fit your needs. It's best for us to speak with a decision-maker in the organization such as a board member or team parent/coach to go over the specifics. If you are that person, great.... please give us a call! If not, please let us know who that person is, and we'll get in touch with them or have them contact us. In the meantime, please let them know you found us.

Why Pelican Designs?

We are a sports volume photography company only!  We focus on your team, league, or organization and can offer a large range of professional custom products of your athlete at affordable pricing!  We don't dabble in Family Portraits, New Borns, Weddings, or anything of that nature.

We have stuck to the sports team and individuals segment of our business model since our start date in 2014!

We can also offer incentive programs for leagues of over 150+ athletes. (This must be discussed prior to your picture day).

How long does it take to receive my photos and memorabilia from our picture day?

This answer depends on a few factors, like the number of custom products that need to be created, is this is a league or an individual team, shipping delays to holidays, etc.  You should have the final product in your hands within 4 to 6 weeks depending on if it is a team or league.  We would much rather under-promise and overachieve than over-promise and underachieve.  

If you happen to have a question on a team or organization that we have recently taken, feel free to contact us!

What time should our team arrive?

We ask that parents and players arrive at LEAST 15 minutes early to their time slot, simply put:

How do you handle players that have two sets of parents?

Each parent/guardian will need to fill out a separate sheet, turn it in to us, and ONLY that parent/guardian is allowed to pick up his or her order.

What kind of print quality should you expect?

All of our prints and memorabilia are submitted to some of the nation's top vendors to be created and then returned to us for a final look over.  What does this mean to you?  You will get superior finished products, and prints that are printed on the finest photographic paper!  Faded photographs are a thing of the past.

How does your process work? 

For Leagues:
Athletes arrive with their team and proceed one at a time through the "Enter" door to take their individual picture then "Exit" through the door on the other side of the mobile studio and wait for the rest of their team.  Once the entire team is done, the team photo is taken and we proceed on with the next team.

For Teams/Organizations:
These are generally slower-paced and better organized so members may exit the same door they entered, a few more photos are taken because team pictures are usually built/composed and not taken together unless requested.

Mobile Studio Trailer1Trailer1

What kind of payments do you accept?

We currently accept Cash, Checks, Purchase Orders, or Credit/Debit Cards with Swipe, Chip, or Contactless Payments.
Reminder:  There is a $25 NSF Fee applied to ALL returned checks.

Do you require a Setup or Mobilization Fee?

Beginning in July of 2020 after over a year with our mobile studio in service we have decided to implement a setup fee of $100 to cover the costs of travel.  This fee can be compared to a "Sitting Fee" that you would pay to any photographer, except it covers so much more than just our time and holding your picture date.  We use this small fee (when divided into a team or organization) to assist in covering insurance requirements, maintenance, fuel, and cleaning/sanitary supplies to keep our studio available for your needs for many years to come!  There are several ways that your team may qualify to have this fee waived for example (Leagues and multiple teams from an organization do not pay this fee).



If you have any other questions, we are available to answer them!